KW doesn’t care

My personal information including my social security number may have been compromised because it was in Keller Williams system and there was a breach.

They sent me three letters to my home, I have it in writing with a number to call.  I have not done any work for Keller Williams since 2009.

I asked to have my information removed from their databases. No they will not remove me from their systems because they can’t do that and besides other companies keep information too. (. . .or so they say)

If you were ever a KW agent they may keep your social security number forever and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Anytime data is kept in a computer system a data breach is possible.

Even though Keller Williams admitted that they had my information and admitted unauthorized persons had access to it, they are now telling me they will not discuss their data policies, or if my information is even in the system.

That makes sense. Why would I have any right to know about my private information and if it is in a secure system? Why would KW care what happens to my data?

No Keller Williams you do not have my permission to keep my social security number, name, address or phone number. Please remove it from your systems.

Please don’t give your social security number to Keller Williams. They may keep it forever and if you have a problem they won’t even discuss it with you. If you fell for the whole KW values thing I guess they got you too.

Remember values are reflected in what an organization does, not in what they say and religion is skin deep but greed, corruption an incompetence go to the bone. Think about that during the KW family reunion prayer breakfast.

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