Woman in residence

I just came up with an idea that I think the real estate industry could use, particularly the technology companies, assorted MLS’s and companies that provide technical programs and services to the real estate industry.

They should have a “Woman in Residence” in their company to help mentor and advise them. Such a person could make any product or service better. Similar to “entrepreneur in residence” but totally different.

The “Woman in Residence” could act as a consultant on everything from software useability to reviewing presentations and removing the phrase “you guys” to checking documentation and instructions to see if they make sense.

Companies might even want to hire women for the job but they probably wouldn’t.

The “Woman in Residence” or WIR could also be a resource to employees. She should be someone who won’t shy away from the camera for those times when a woman’s face is needed so that a company doesn’t appear to be all male.

People who are in the WIR position do not have to be pretty or be “like-minded” In fact, they might be the most effective if they stood out.

A picture of an older WIR would stand out on some of the tech company websites among all the pictures of young men.

If you would like to contract with me to be your WIR I might be available towards the end of the year.

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