Real estate predictions for 2023

I don’t think I have ever put my predictions for the new year in writing but after reading predictions written by real estate experts I figured I could do it too.

Predictions for 2023

  1. At least 3 major real estate conferences or events held between October first and February 28th will be disrupted because of severe weather.
  2. The federal reserve will keep raising rates until we are in a recession. Wealthy investors are standing by and ready to profit just like they did during the housing market crash.
  3. Several more well-known people in the real estate space will be laid off. Younger people will take their place.
  4. A couple of competing companies will devise ways to buy more houses and sell them off by the square foot to multiple owners, thus enabling more people to buy less real estate while spending more money than ever before.
  5. All pictures of women on the internet will look like comic book heroes with enhanced breasts and slender waists because the creators of AI technology are men who like comic books and like their women who look a certain way.
  6. AI writing will be used on several real estate news sites and no one will notice. The real estate weenie will be written by a human.
  7. Technology and real estate experts will take over a start-up and develop a useful product for the industry. (nah, just wishful thinking, it can’t happen)
  8. Home sales will be way down in 2023, yet a record number of real estate agents will claim that 2023 was their best year ever!

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