Where is my money?

Money The nice thing about this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand is that I can vent with little fear of anyone reading it. Especially if it isn't Wednesday.

Ten months ago I listed a condo, a month ago we got an offer and it closed last week.  Selling a loft in St. Paul can easily take a year. This was a nice loft and when it was all over the artist who owned it gave me a hug and a piece of art work that I really like.

I also got a check at the closing table. I brought the check to my former office.  Silly me I thought they would cut me a check since I am the one who got the listing and sold it. I consider myself to be an important part of the process.  My thinking is that without me there would not have been a check to bring to the office.

I was told that the person who cuts checks was out on a community clean up project.  This was on a Thursday.  I asked it it would be possible to get a check on Friday.  I was told that because the person who cuts checks is also the person who puts checks in the bank that I would not be paid on Friday because she would not be able to get the money in the bank on time because of the  volunteer project. I offered to take the check to the bank myself . . as you can imagine the answer was no.

It is nice that they do volunteer work.  I do volunteer work too. I sit on the board of a non profit and I deliver meals on wheels.  In all the years I have been doing the volunteer work it has never interfered with my job.  If I have an obligation to a client it gets done.

Real estate companies do not buy or sell real estate, the agents do all of that and we bring in all of the money.  I would think that paying them would be a priority. I left that company. One of the main reasons for leaving was the way I was treated. My job is very hard and the last year has been a struggle.  I can't work with any company that won't put the agent first.

The person who told me about the clean up day was smiling and told me to have a nice day. When she said that what I heard is "we don't give a darn if our agents ever get paid, it is your problem lady tell someone who cares".  To think she gets paid out of the money that comes in from the agents who sell houses. I am thinking she gets paid every two weeks on time even if there is a clean up day. She maybe even has direct deposit, and the money is just there with no hassle or fuss.

It is possible that there will be some reason that I won't get check today either and it won't be the first time I have had trouble getting a check but thankfully it will be the last time.  


**I am not making this up.  I called today after I wrote this to see if my old office has a check for me.  It turns out that the person who cuts checks is on vacation this week and no one has the password to get into her computer and so they can't cut my check. **

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  1. Missy Caulk says:

    Oh if this blog could talk….let’s just say I’ll be nice and say ditto.

    Our OP is going on maternity leave for 6 weeks, but plans on cutting checks from home.

    Yea right, first time baby…I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I have already registered my concern. You’ll hear me come back and vent when the baby cries, has colic and well you know your a mom. Once that baby is home, NOTHING else matters.

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