This is it!

It!It has been some time since we have rolled out a new product here at the weenie for the real estate professional.  Today we are happy to announce the launch of “It!”  This new revolutionary product is a must have for real estate professionals.  How do we know?  We just do.

We know that people will buy “It! and that is all that matters and “It!” will revolutionize the real estate industry and is the future and maybe the present too but since the present pretty much sucks we don’t care about it any more.

We don’t exactly know what “It!” does but we know we are onto something and when we figure it all out we will write some instructions.

For right now what you need to know is that you must have this and it only costs $89.99 through the end of the month, but I am not decided which month.  There will be a free webinar next week led by our most experienced expert ten year old John Anderson.   John  helped us develop “It!” He has no experience in the real estate industry but he is really cute and when he says you must have “It!” you will believe him.  He is a trust agent.  We checked and he has a badge. John says that “It!” is the prettiest shiniest thing he ever made and he put lots of maps and pictures on it and some great sound effects.  John says “this will rock your world, your phone, your web site, and your career”.

Don’t look for us on facebook this product is so new that we don’t have a page yet but we soon will and it will be the source “It!” news, along with our drip campaign which I am sure you will enjoy.

This must have product is a widget and an app.  It works with most smart phones except the blackberry because only geeks and losers use them.  Our app is location based and social.   The plug-in is still in beta but what the heck you only go around once and I am sure if we break it you can fix it.   Even though all Weenie products are thoroughly tested we are not responsible if they make you cry. If you don’t get amazing results from our product it is because you are not using it correctly and are probably an idiot anyway.  We are the experts and this really works because we said so. If you don’t use our product it is because you are not cutting edge and now might be a good time to find a real job if there are any.

Don’t miss our free webinar!

You can learn more about our products on our product page.

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2 Responses to This is it!

  1. Tim McDonald says:

    I didn’t see a link for the free webinar! Would you please post it! I certainly don’t want to miss it. This it could be just what I’ve been waiting for!

  2. Teresa boardman says:

    I am going to send out emails everyday with info about the webinar. This is it and yes it is what you have been waiting for.

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