Survey says . .

The results of a recent survey indicate that people who are not dues paying members of the NAR are ten times more likely to be in favor of  the recent increase in dues than the dues paying NAR members.  Results also indicate that people who do not belong to the NAR like it 50% more than people who do belong.  If that doesn’t make sense don’t read it again to try and make sense out of it because it just doesn’t make sense.

I am going to make this special offer just once.  If you are an expert or guru who supports the dues increase and loves the NAR there is now a way that you too can pay dues.   Please send up to $165 to the national association of Realtors, 430 North Michigan Avenue, ChicagoIL 60611.  Include a note indicating that the money is to be used for Teresa Boardman’s membership dues.  If you don’t like me . . and  whats not to like . . choose another member and pay dues on his or her behalf.

Also see $40 more? (desperate Realtors)

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