Email Signatures for Real Estate Agents

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Dan Theman Real estate agent
Certified specialist, consultant and expert – guru serving Metro since 1912
ALL that AND a bag of chips Realty* – of Major Metro USA
Member of the Presidents Club 1926-1941
GRI, CRS, e-PRO, CBR, ABR (continued on next email)
Office Phone 555-555-555
Main Number 555-555-555
Cell Phone 555-555-555
Fax 555-555-555
Home Phone 555-555-555
Toll Free 800-555-555

My web site:
My blog:
My personal blog:

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By the way I am always looking for business if you know someone who has a home to sell and isn’t upside down on it or terribly demanding please send them my way.

~Pithy and perky saying about how wonderful life is goes here~
Sent from my iPad2 because I want every one to know that I have one.   
Proud Father of a college graduate and a veteran of the Korean war.

Disclaimer – The contents of this email are intended for the person or persons to which it was sent.  If it gets to you by mistake you should delete it right away and call the FBI. 

Please respond by text message it is the fastest way to reach me.  

*Each company is independently owned and operated and even though we are a major brand it is only because we have the same logo and company name.  We don’t have anything else in common. We are not responsible for anything . . not ever.   
Feel free to use my post as a template for your own email signature but if you do change the names, phone numbers and web addresses.   
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7 Responses to Email Signatures for Real Estate Agents

  1. Toby Boyce says:

    I wanted to use you to sell my home, however the “c-” in wood shop during high school just didn’t impress me.

  2. Mark Brian says:

    Thank you for my laugh of the day. Now I must go and change my email signature…..

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      what? you have a grip of little icons, links and your photo? Oh my! well you could just leave it be and teach classes for realtors on how to use email.

  3. Tamara says:

    Hhahaaha I KNOW this agent, I swear!!

    So funny. Well said 🙂

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