I think it is safe to post on the weenie again.  I now have a better handle on who my friends are and who they are not.   Silly me I assume everyone is good until they prove otherwise and then I give them a second chance. . . and then they wonder why I don’t like people . . but that isn’t what today’s rant post is about.

A business that uses twitter had the nerve to tweet that he was following me and that I should follow back.  Now there is no chance that I will follow him.  If you are advertising to me and expect me to follow you so you can advertise some more let me reset your expectations.   In general I don’t care who follows me.  At the risk of sounding selfish, I am far more interested in following than I am in being followed.

Twitter is where I live.  In the winter there are days when twitter is my only contact with the outside world.  Twitter is how I stay connected to people and to news.

Who do I follow on Twitter?  I prefer to follow people instead of businesses but I do follow some businesses mostly media companies and local businesses owned by people that I know or want to get to know or already do business with.  I started filtering out the people who never answer or respond to anyone’s tweets and use twitter as there own automated business advertising channel.  If I want to be advertised to I will turn on the television or visit one of those spammy real estate web sites.

I enjoy following friends, neighbors, the news media, clients, people who work in the area and people who have businesses in my area.  I follow some direct competiors out of couriosity.  What I really love about Twitter is that I control my account and I filter what I read.  I have so many choices.

Now go away and leave me alone.

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