Photography tip for real estate agents

Most real estate agents are wonderful photographers or at least they are their own photographers which is why the pictures in the MLS are so scary.

I can think of one tip that could save agents a lot of money and time.  I have known agents to spend $700 dollars on photoshop software and take classes (real agents don’t take classes they ask other agents) on how to use it when all they would have had to do is wait for blue skies.  No I am not making this up and this is my first photography tip for real estate agents.

1. If you want blue skies in your listing photos take the picture when the sky is blue.

Blue Skies

Blue Skies

If you must have a photo and it is cloudy you can frame it in such a way that there is little or no sky in the shot. This can work for you.  It will save time and your photos will look even better than if you had used photo shop.

Come back again for more time and money saving photography tips, but be warned the experts are not going to like any of this one little bit.

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  1. Anita Clark says:

    It is a simple tip but one that can turn a cold and dark photo into one that catches buyers attention and keeps them on the site. Thanks for the share, Teresa!

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