A new way for agents to buy stuff

I am in the process of setting up a web site that will have a listing of everyone who sells products or services to the real estate industry.  Agents have told me that they need a better way to find the right product, service or consultant and are tired of searching all over the internet and finding hard to navigate web sits that are not mobile friendly or fragrance free.

sleazy-salesmanThe new web site will be a national directory and have ratings for vendor products and will provide a better experience for agents and everything will be in one place where I can keep an eye on it.   I have a secret formula for rating vendors and so each will be assigned with a rating as soon as they appear on the site.

Vendors will also be rated by agents on how good their products are and on their customer support and price.   Funny looking vendors or companies with hard to spell names will start out with lower ratings because that is what agents really want.  Agents will not be paying for the site vendors will.  I will be teaching vendors how to use it through a series of free webinars held late at night.

Phone numbers will be listed on the site. Anyone who is serious about doing business with real estate  agents, or getting agent dollars or getting in to agent wallets will have to use this site.  It will be free but the companies that pay for advertisements on the site will get all the business.

Vendors can buy ads on the site but they can only be do so by purchasing words and numbers. Once they are all gone there won’t be anyway to chose the words in an advertisement but ads can still be created out of left over words.

I may set up some contact forms but they will require vendors to log in to get messages and it will not work on mobile devices.  When I build the site agents will come and there isn’t anything vendors can do about it.  RealEstateWeenie is a trusted brand which is much more than I can say for the brand of any company that sells crap to real estate agents. My idea is the future of the real estate agent market place. Get used to it.

I have decided to take over the agent wallet and create a better experience for agents who are looking to buy stuff.   It is true that I will be making tons of money from this project but I am not doing it for the money.  I am doing it for the warm fuzzy feeling I will get from having done something important with my life. . . like make money.

There are a couple of other areas I am going to be taking over in coming months.  I am not impressed with what is going on in the real estate industry.  We need better leadership and even though I work in the industry selling real estate I am still qualified to lead.  Sure I know what you are thinking.  I am a short mouthy  woman who doesn’t like people and I have not spent years flying around the country speaking but I can still lead because I have the RealEstateWeenie.com.

Thank You have a nice day

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5 Responses to A new way for agents to buy stuff

  1. Mark says:

    Awesome. I suggest researching ways to add extra glitter to all pages on your website since shiny objects sell better…

  2. Teresa,

    The warm fuzzy part is what “hooked” me!

  3. Ann Cloud says:

    I was hooked when you added the late at night classes. I always have on more hours for real estate how about 1 or 2 at night so I can have dinner while I am listening. You could call it the The Pajama Real Estate Classes. Really enjoyed your article.

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