Guns won’t help

squirtgunThere are real estate agents who want to carry guns because of the recent death of a real estate agent in Arkansas. My deepest condolences to that agent’s family and friends and all the families and friends of people who died on the job this year, which is about 3360 as of today, working off of the average of 12 a day in the US.

I said I wasn’t going to write about agent safety or exploit the death of a member of the NAR and I won’t. I just want to tell a little story about a man with a gun who was killed on the job.

Last month an experienced, armed police officer was shot to death on the job while making a routine traffic stop a few miles from my home. The officer had a gun and he knew how to use it but he was shot to death. He had a lot of training and experience.

Real estate agents with guns will die. Even though real estate is competitive and there are too many agents I don’t want any to die because they have families who may miss them.

My guess is that an armed agent is more likely to get shot to death than one that isn’t armed with a gun. Personally I would rather get hit over the head than shot so I am not going to carry a gun.

I really hate the thought of real estate agents with guns. Guns lead to death. Real estate agents should not let real estate agents carry guns. Maybe I’ll get shot at my next open house because some real estate agents will carry guns. If I die my perfect family would miss me especially when there is work to be done. There isn’t anyone who can or will take my place. . . which is probably a good thing but still . . .

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