Robots: Realtors will never replace you!

I am not sure if robots worry but if they do I would like them to know that real estate agents are not a threat.  No agent can ever replace a robot. Robots can be designed to calculate commissions faster than humans and they can be programmed to give wonderful listing presentations. Robots can also record what clients are saying and do as they are told.

Robots do not need to sleep and can be available 24 X 7 which gives them a huge advantage in working with buyers. Real estate agents sometimes sleep, eat and even take entire days off and their timing really sucks. While an agent is sleeping that perfect home that came on the market while a home buyer was working working will be sold to another buyer who has an agent who sleeps until noon and is up all night.

With the right programming robots will always be honest and will act in the best interests of their clients and can be programed to follow the  Realtor Code of Ethics.

Robots really do not need to worry about being replaced by real estate agents.

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