You don’t need to be a man to run a company

Real estate industry news is mostly men’s news. Sometimes it is about who is running what and who got promoted. Men fill most of the top level positions in the huge real estate companies and of course, NAR has always had a male CEO and likely always will.

women working

There is some good news though. Women can run companies too. There is a little more to the process for us because we first have to start a company. Starting a company can actually be an advantage.

There isn’t any bureaucracy to deal with and there is plenty of room for outside the box thinking and acting too.

If you are a woman and you really want to run something start your own business. If you want to run for something that might work out too. You do not need to wait to be hired, promoted or appointed by a man. You don’t need man’s permission either.

Best of all you do not need any awards from men and you do not need to be on any of their lists to be successful.

Women who wait for an invitation usually end up waiting for an invitation. If we want to make the world a better place we need to take charge.

Let’s not forget that 2018 IS the year of the woman even though men are not calling it that.

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