April 1, a long time ago

Many years ago, back when I had a sense of humor before life beat it out of me, I published an April fools day prank in 2007, here on the Weenie:


“InmanNews came forward with an offer to buy the Real estate Weenie, the bad blog disguised as a hot dog stand.  They have asked that the amount of the offer not be disclosed.  I can say that it is generous and that I plan to proceed.

The offer should not come as a surprise. Matt Carter of InmanNews has shown an interest in this hot dog stand almost from its humble beginnings as the joke that became a blog.”

Most of the people in the original article have moved onto something new and exciting and left me with a bunch of broken links in the original article.

After I published this Inman News got some phone calls from people who had questions and from people who offered their congratulations.

We have come a long way from the time that people would believe something just because it was published on the internet . . . . or have we?

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