Slaughtering the sacred cow

Weenies have a variety of animal-based ingredients, even beef which makes writing about sacred cows on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hotdog stand alright.

I went through the NAR C2EX (Commitment to Excellence) program and based on my twenty years of experience working as a real estate agent and broker I don’t think that C2EX endorsement is going to make anyone “excellent”, or even better.

There are 50K or so members to receive the C2EX endorsement including me. Some would argue that NAR did something, and we should just say that the problem of sub-par real estate agents has been solved and we should move on.

Here is a screenshot from the C2Ex program:

Kind of like a participation badge. There is a huge disconnect between what real estate salespeople actually do and what is in the C2EX course which is kind of like a junior high-level social studies class.

I think people can get involved in politics and attend public meetings and still lack excellence.

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