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For Sale Signs

Real estate is about brands.  Brands are so important that the for sale sign has been replaced by a sign with a logo on it.  In addition to the logo for branding we may find a web address and if … Continue reading

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Where is my Wii?

Life is full of disappointments and I have to say these last few months I have had so many disappointments I don’t feel like I can handle another. (insert tiny violins here)  This post on my blog of mas destruction … Continue reading

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Time is running out

Maybe you have been too busy to read the postings on the blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand but I want to remind you all that the February 13th deadline is fast approaching.  What is … Continue reading

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Feeling left out?

There is a certain web site where certain bloggers get badges and other bloggers do not.  Some people are feeling a bit left out.  Some of us will never have a badge on the web site because we just can't … Continue reading

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Just trying to keep the weenie roast theme.  I know I have not posted for a week.  There is a reason for it.  I can’t think of a thing to post. There is no bad advice out there.  The thousands … Continue reading

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Competitors dentist is a pain

Bonnie Erickson, a direct competitor of mine, and author of the most excellent Real Estate Snippets Blog has stepped up to the plate.  She has a weenie that she thinks needs roasting.  Most people are going to take her side … Continue reading

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