Housing Vs Facebook

Should Realtors be using Facebook?

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7 Responses to Housing Vs Facebook

  1. Andy Berry says:

    As a developer of Facebook applications, I am intrigued.

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      This blog is a little different than my others. It is satire, bull and a dumping ground for my random thoughts and some of my friends use it when they have something to write but don’t feel comfortable posting it on their business blogs. No one takes it seriously and usually we have a good laugh . . which is the point. For the last couple of years Facebook as been sold to realtors as the must have business tool. It has it’s place but I like to make fun if it.

  2. All things in moderation. But the bottom line is the bottom line. Does your activity on Facebook result in closed transactions? Does it help to effectively expand your sphere or make meaningful connections with past, present, and future clients?

  3. Dona L. Crane says:

    That’s why I’m only on FB for about an hour or so every couple weeks – too busy with my real estate business!

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