Top must-have tools for RE experts

Here are the top tech tools for those who coach, speak to and teach Realtors how to be better.  I am sharing this because I want you to be best that you can be. There is plenty of advice on the internet from experts to Realtors, maybe too much and most of it is less than useless but no advice for the experts . . I am so confused . . thanks for hanging in there. Experts who need advice have come to the right place . . is this a place?

If you are a social media expert you will need the following:

  • One facebook page with a personal account
  • One facebook business page
  • A Twitter (the twitter)
  • A blog
  • Linked in (even if you are not)

I always check for these accounts.  I maybe the only one who does but that could change.

Here are the top mobile tools for real estate industry coaches and consultants:

  1. tripit
  2. mobile phone
  3. iPad
  4. iPhone
  5. Android
  6. Macbook Air
  7. Urban Spoon
  8. Yelp

The most important and valuable apps are:

  1. Angry birds
  2. Zapd
  3. gogo
  4. coloris
  5. Netflix
  6. Popplet
  7. jetsetter
  8. Bigger Words
  9. Pointinside

Notice I do not include how to use any of these or what they are used for.  There are two reasons for this.

One is because I am not a coach, consultant or trainer and do not understand the day-to-day job duties so I don’t really know how or when you would use these but I know that you should becasue I am the expert on what you should use becasue I am.  I could of course ask someone in your business which tools you find helpful but I can’t do that because I am an expert.

The other reason ( reason 2)  is because you rarely give me a logical or rational reason for choosing why you chose the top 5 or 10 apps or web sites or mobile apps or what ever for real estate professionals.   You use phrases like “must have” and those words are followed by something that is really stupid and that I would never consider using.

It  is clear to me when I read your stuff that you are a nice person, a good writer and fun to hang out with  and party with but you don’t have a clue about what I need to do my job. You are also good looking and intelligent and I honestly admire your salesmanship.


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  1. I do love me some Tripit.

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