The 5th Anniversary of the Future

For the last six years I have been reading about how video is the future.  There is this statistic that only 8% of real estate agents use video.  I have seen the video created by real estate agents and personally I think it is good  that only 8% of us are using it.  For some reason the most common use of video has been the agents face on the screen so we can see them talking.  Some are just catching onto the idea that they don’t have to point the camera at themselves that they can point it in any direction and their monologue will still be heard.

Next year we will be reading about how video is the future.  The idea will be presented as something new and profound.  Maybe by then 9% of agents will be using it.

Last year marked the 6th anniversary of the year that video officially became the future.  With all the video out there I am going to go out on a limb and say that video is the past and the present.  . . yet I think people will still make money by speaking or writing about how video is the future and those cheap crappy video cameras will continue to fly off the shelves.

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