The Realtor party has solution to old people problem

For the past several years the NAR has been focused on younger members and on attracting younger members yet members continue to age and members on average are older than ever.  The NAR will have to take action because the problem is only getting worse and older.  When I go to events for Realtors® I see old people and lots of them.

Recruiting younger members and putting younger members in leadership positions has not reversed the aging trend, in fact I am four years older than I was when the initiative to recruit younger members began and YPN has not made me any younger either.   There are two solutions to the problem; one solution is to throw out all of the members who are over 40 and the other solution is to kill them all.  Many of NAR’s current members were young when they joined but they have aged over the years in spite of NAR’s best efforts.

The ideal Realtor® is male and under 40 but the average member is a woman in her late 50’s which is just unacceptable and the average age will keep going up because members get older each year and even those who are young today will be old one day if they live that long.

It is illegal to discriminate against people even Realtors based on their age.  The Realtor party should be lobbying washington to get that law changed.  Not everyone understands that age discrimination is necessary to help preserve the American dream of home ownership and may try to sue the NAR.  There should be exceptions to the age discrimination rule that allow membership organizations like the NAR to favor younger members if that is what they feel is best for the organization.

Baby boomers are a big part of the old people problem in the NAR and in the entire country.  We never asked to be born but we have had a good time and probably won’t die anytime soon.  Now that we are old we are like an infestation, or an old a grey hair on the butt of humanity.   There really is only one solution and that is to serve a special kind of kool-aid at the annual convention to the older members so that younger members can at last discover the magic.

If someone doen’t take action now the problem will persist for at least another 30 years.

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