What if they are wrong?

I listened to yet another expert explain why Google+ is where I need to be.  As always I went and put some stuff on Google+.   I keep believing the experts but what if they are wrong?  I know the service now has 400 Million users and the 100 million active users must include people like me who post updates occasionally like after they listen to a presentation about how great it is.

Google+ is two years old and it still isn’t any fun.  Where are the Google+ business page success stories?  I don’t even think there has been a free webinar on the subject this month.  Heck I am not even seeing the negative articles about how Google+  isn’t catching on.

Yup it is true Google is here to stay.  Pinterest will be gone tomorrow and the very best real estate apps are the ones that get downloaded the most often. . . sure . . you betcha . . what ever . . .

What if they are wrong and Google+ isn’t the greatest photo sharing site on the planet and people continue to share photos on Facebook or even flickr and Instagram or one of the other photo sharing sites?  I have been told that Google+ is the place for photographers to be.  It is fun to look at pictures on Google+ but it isn’t any fun to post them there.

What if People persist in using skype and even facebook for chatting and video conferencing instead of using hangouts on Google+?

What if Pinterest is here to stay?  Just because men do not like it or get it doesn’t mean it is going to go away.

We have seen Google products come and go.  Yes Google is here but at one time My Space was the place to be and so way Compuserve, and Netscape navigator was the bee’s knees and Yahoo was the place to go search.

Just because Google+ is just better and we are supposed to use it because it makes sense doesn’t mean it is going to happen.  The people who tell me Google+ is where it is at use logic.    They have decided that there are a bunch of logical reasons why Google+ is just better and why eventually it will be come THE social site.  They are over looking the fact that it isn’t about logic.  Google+ just isn’t any fun. I still hear crickets when I get on the site.

Next year Google+ will be three years old, maybe by then it will be super popular and fun and I won’t be able to hear the crickets.  Maybe by then it will have caught on and I won’t need to be reminded to use it.

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