New technology means new ways to take crappy photos

roofsThere is one thing we can always count on and that is there will always be some new technology that will allow real estate agents to take crappy photos of their listings.  Lets not forget that there was a time before digital photography technology when we had one crappy property photo or no property photos at all for most listings.

Today we have a range of really bad real estate photos taken with a variety of electronic devices.  Some are taken with digital cameras and others are taken with phones or tablets or even Google Glass.

2014 is the year of the drone and like every technology drone technology is just for real estate agents.  In the near future agents all over the country will be using drones to take crappy property photos.  We anticipate blurry pictures of roofs and pictures of random tree tops and photographs of homes taken from unusual angles but backlit to the point where we really won’t be able to tell what they are of.

Agents who use the drone technology may or may not close the toilet lid before photographing the bathroom and of course drones will show up in the bathroom mirror.

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