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smart_phones_-_Google_SearchIt is nice to have a little time to write for this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

I have discovered a new market niche in the real estate biz. It seems that iPhones are real popular among real estate agents. Probably because they are so easy to operate most agents can learn to use them after some lessons and an intense training session or two.

Most do not become power users but they eventually master the basics and they don’t even know that the phone can do more but they always buy the latest and greatest anyway which works out nicely for companies like Apple.

There are home buyers and sellers who use phones that operate on Android operating systems and on other systems. I am able to work with these clients and serve those who use iPhones and even those who use blackberry’s or old school flip phones.

I don’t get all judgy and I invite my clients their own phone, any phone or no phone at all.

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