Greed and corruption


I never thought I would be writing something like this on the real estate weenie but I think we will all need to work extra hard to protect our brand because the angry orange man in the white house might be tarnishing it.

Real estate isn’t just about greed and corruption and not paying income taxes. It isn’t just about developments and building and not paying people for their work. It isn’t just about firing people or holding public office to enrich your own companies.

It isn’t always about doing bigly things in braggadocios ways either and living in golden rooms on the tops of high towers.

It is about doing the right thing, the ethical thing and the moral thing. It is about putting others first. Just as a reminder putting others first can mean making less money in some situations.

Many of us are honest business people and like most people who are not extremely wealthy we pay  taxes and pay for crappy and very expensive health insurance. We pay more than our fair share of income taxes and  more. Some of that money helps pay for the salaries and health insurance of the wealthy people in Washington DC who run this country.

Let’s protect our brand and make real estate great again.

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