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I have had access to Google+ for a little more than 12 hours and I was asleep for 7 of those hours and spent another two of those hours with clients and offline.  A friend found a back door and let me in or I would not have gotten a chance to try it while it is still cool.  What was Google thinking that they would not have me in on it from day one?  Hard to say but someone made a bad call. I am all that AND a bag of chips.

As an expert and probably even a guru of all things Google+ I plan to  start having classes and seminars on the best practices for using Google+ in the real estate industry.   I have been studying the concepts and strategies and have built a set of rules for those of you with no imagination who believe in rules.  I am already on chapter 5 of what I think is going to be a best selling book”Insider secrets to making millions using Google+” all about how I exploited it and got rich.

Google+ is special.  It really does remind me of the wave. It isn’t Facebook but it is just like Facebook, which is why it is essential that I start doing seminars now before everyone has access to it.

I really miss airports but once I start traveling again I will have plenty of hilarious anecdotes  to share with people who come to my seminar.


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31 Responses to Come to my seminar

  1. jim little says:

    Sign me up for your Phoenix class. It is nice here, 105 or so, and no sandstorms (haboobs) in the forecast.

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      Jim – maybe we could have it here. The weather is just about perfect and we don’t have sand storms.

  2. jim little says:

    BTW, Ihear invites are open again,hint.

  3. jim little says:

    But you LOVE airports, and flying in here in the PM during monsoon season is SPECIAL.

  4. I am sending you my credit card numbers. All of them. Please charge whatever you think is fair trade for such a valuable service. I can’t wait to blurt out excitement riddled tweets during your seminar. I will use many exclamation points.

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      You are my new best friend. Feel free to tweet about it every half hour to promote it. Hash tag #+ForReByT

  5. Linda Davis says:

    I already applied to teach the Google+ designation class on how to add friends to circles.

  6. Yes, but will you be able to tell me what animal I am?

  7. …why is no one listening to me 🙂

  8. Dawn Maloney says:

    Teresa Boardman=All that and a bag of Google+

  9. Jay Thompson says:

    “Double Your Business in 90 Days with Google+!!” #+ForReByT

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      For most doubling their business is just going to make them less poor. My aim is to teach people how to use it so they get filthy rich in a short period of time without doing short sales and foreclosures or attending free webinars.

  10. Peter Brewer says:

    Can’t wait til you bring these secrets to Australia! I’d be happy to act as your translator.

  11. TLW says:

    How could I know come in and say —> I’m a GooPoo expert. My on line course will teach you how to Poo on the Goo 🙂

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      TLW – if I did not know you better which I don’t I would think you were trying to be a guru too, I am the expert.

  12. Carole Cohen says:

    I’m a squiggle so instead of teaching in circles I’m going to do squiggle seminars and charge a la carte: $50 gets you to one curve and $50 for each curve thereafter. That way, if you only want to get partially rich on Plus you won’t have to spend the extra moola.

  13. Oh great and wise Weenie, please show me the Google Light (I believe that’s a trademark). I am planning a RESausageCamp here in San Antonio and I hope you will attend and teach us all. We relish the thought (ouch).

    Me? I’m not impressed with Google+ so far. Everyone said “it’s great, it’s not all bunged up with garbage like Facebook.” When I logged in the first things I saw were stuff about Harry Potter and everyone telling me check out their latest blog post all about Google+. Don’t know about you, but at least on Facebook someone might be talking about something interesting. They can have there we were here first crowns, I’m waiting for the Weenie to drop some real science.

  14. Wow my spelling and grammar are atrocious.

  15. Peter Brewer says:

    Teresa, Clearly you have a very good handle on how to set this new Google+ Cash Cow thingy up! 🙂


  16. Lucky Lang says:


    May I please have an invite?


  17. I love Google+ … that’s all.

  18. Lori Bee says:

    Guess you didn’t hear the news. “I” am the latest and greatest Google+ EXPERT. Jeez. You’ll be fighting to get into my seminars. The sponsors are lining up now. Bite me! ;p

  19. Teresa Boardman says:

    Lori – just because you are younger and prettier than I am and can get sponsors does not mean that you are more of an expert.

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