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It has been a little over 24 hours since I upgraded my Facebook account to the new timeline format.  It was a huge risk and you may have felt the earth tremble when I clicked “submit”.  I know that I saw my life flash before me all the way back to the day when the dog stole my shoe on my first day of school.  The picture does not show up on my timeline because it happened before color film was invented.

I was a bit disappointed that none or my famous college escapades showed up on the new timeline, Like the time I stood on one leg and drank the whole keg .. . no wait that was my room mate . . . my exploits were legendary and pictures of them on Facebook would have been career limiting.

On the other hand I should be thankful that timeline took decades off of my life and I may have a bright future as a young professional all I have to do is forget half of what I know, listen to different music and say “brilliant” a few hundred times a day and maybe I can get a job and go to work with all the other kids.

We knew timeline was coming and that our lives would be exposed and any illusion of privacy would be gone forever and the dawn of a new era would be upon us and yes it is up to each of us to survive in this brave new world or at the very least preview timeline before it becomes our new reality.

I am now an expert on timeline and am planning on having several free webinars for real estate agents on how to exploit the new look.  This really is a game changer folks.  If you want to sell real estate you will need to know the secrets of the timeline.   Realtors should not be forced to learn timeline on their own.    There will be classes, books, webinars, panel discussions, conferences and eventually certification.


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4 Responses to Facebook Timeline classes

  1. Thank goodness you are here for us, Teresa. I shall anxiously await your class webinar discussion conference. I hope there is a fancy certificate involved. Shall I give you my credit card number now?

  2. Melina Tomson says:

    I just upgraded to timeline about 72 hours ago, therefore I am the better than Teresa guru. Listen in amazement as I teach you everything I learned in 10 minutes on timeline. $250 for a class like that sounds about right, no?

    E, skip Tboard’s class because she clearly isn’t a guru. I beat her by 48 hours. I am the REAL deal. I’ll take your card number now or a case of really, really good wine works too. ;-D

    • Teresa Boardman says:

      You may think you are the real deal but trust me when I tell you I can charge more and take the credit card faster than you can.

      • Melina Tomson says:

        I will concede that you have a much cooler nickname than I do which probably allows you to charge double what I can get, but I’ll do one click with Paypal making me super duper fast in separating people from their money…

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